Oxygen attachment for walker

Project  / Project number: Yeo/1/12/14  /  Status:

DSC04679 - 1M


The challenge

The client needed to have her oxygen cylinder with her when she went shopping with her 4-wheeled walker; the cylinder could fit into the basket under the seat but the seat could not be then used if she needed a rest.


The solution

The solution was to produce a shelf to hold the cylinder that hangs below the seat and basket; on the shelf there are supports to safely cradle the cylinder and regulator which are then held in position by luggage straps. As the client folds her walker when she is indoors the shelf/cylinder support needs to be easily removed.

The shelf assembly was made using material from a nylon chopping board, the hangers were made from the same material with the hooks formed using a hot air gun and were hinged for ease of storage.

The benefit

The client had her oxygen available when he went her shopping.

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