Toilet seat back rest

Project  / Project number: 19/07  /  Status:


The challenge

A severely disabled wheelchair user needed a toilet seat back rest but no commercial product was suitable due to the distance from the cistern, space between the wall and location of the mounting below the cistern. A bespoke unit was therefore required.

The solution

A shower stool was purchased from Amazon to use the seat as the backrest due to suitable dimensions. Stainless steel boat fittings were used to mount the backrest on 22mm tubes using some of the material supplied with the stool to mount it on the brackets and some stainless steel 22mm tubing. The brackets are hinged to allow adjustment of the backrest angle and mounting on the wall.

The benefit

The client is able to continue living independently in the home she has occupied for 38 years. Without the backrest she would likely have to move into a residential care home.

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