Drawing board

Project  / Project number: BK2019/060  /  Status:


The challenge

8 year old girl with cerebral palsy loves to draw and paint but has limited ability to use her upper limbs. She needs a way of securing A3 and A4 paper along all four edges on her desk and wheelchair table.  The usual methods of Dycem mat, blutac, masking tape etc do not work.


The solution

Poster frames with edges that snap closed over the paper along all four edges were screwed to a plywood board. The board is held on the table with spring clamps and can be rotated to present either the A4 or A3 frame for use. Wooden handles fixed to the board allow her to steady herself with her free hand.

For the wheelchair table, a plain A4 frame is secured to the table with a spring clamp and a handle bolted to a hole in the table with a wing nut.


The benefit

Our client can now concentrate on her art without worrying about holding the paper still.

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