Car seat safety screen

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Screen separating two happy siblings


The challenge

12-year old George with developmental and behavioural issues lashes out when anxious and finds transitions stressful. His mother requires a screen to separate him from his siblings in the back seat of their car. It must be robust but able to be installed and removed easily.


The solution

A 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate screen was made that sits between the individual rear seats, keeping siblings apart.  Fortunately, the car has independently moveable rear seats. To fit the screen, the front passenger and rear (passenger-side) seats are slid to their maximum forward position. The screen can then be slid in-between the two rear seats, and between the front seat and arm-rest. When slid back to their original position, the seats effectively clamp the screen in place. There are no other fixings.

  Two happy customers, safely separated  

Rear seats without screen


Screen in place (click to enlarge)

The benefit

In the words of George’s mother Davina: “For years I’ve wanted to create a simple divide but didn’t have the knowledge of what plastics were safe etc…. along comes a man from a charity called Remap… literally a week later and look at this… a car journey has gone from dangerous, to giggles and fun. I am thrilled, relieved and VERY grateful to a very kind man who gives up his time to help people in need of equipment that just doesn’t exist to buy. He made me this prototype because he knew how much I needed it to get to Devon for a wedding today. He really went above and beyond! Wow wow and wow again!!”

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