Neptune bath lift control replacement

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Bath lift buttons


The challenge

Our client is in her 90’s and a little frail and with arthritis. She was having difficulty pressing the thick rubber membrane covered switches to move her bath lift up and down.


The solution

As this was going to be a permanent modification, and our client needed the original control unit in the meantime, we obtained a replacement control unit on which to work.  Key to improved ease of use was locating some IP67 immersion rated lever microswitches which require significantly less effort to press, but would survive an accidental dunk in the bath!

The replacement control unit prior to modification:

The control unit with original switches removed and additional cable soldered in:

Wiring from the control unit on the left to to the new switches on the right:

The IP67 lever microswitches:

The inside of the new Remap control unit with all wiring joints covered in marine grade adhesive lined heat shrink sleeve. The buttons are machined Acetal.

The benefit

Our client found the buttons very easy and painless to press, and the bath lift can be returned to its unmodified state in just a few minutes by putting the original control unit back on.

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