Accessibility Handle - Alcatel 1066 Mobile Phone

Accessibility Handle - Alcatel 1066 Mobile Phone

The challenge

Our client had difficulty picking up and maintaining grip on their mobile phone. As a consequence the phone would often drop to the floor and they were unable to retrieve it from their electric wheelchair.

The solution

The solution was created in two parts. There is a clip which attaches to the phone, and a handle which easily attaches to (and detaches from) the clip. This means the handle can easily be removed for putting the phone in a bag or pocket without removing the clip from the phone.

The design has been made so that it can be printed on a small home 3D printer and is available to download for free from our website. See the More Information section below for links to the ENABL3D.ME website and 3D printing services if you don’t have access to a 3D printer.

Note that there is also an alternative version of the rigid handle which works like a chain of links. This means that it can be folded flat, and therefore doesn’t need to be removed when storing the phone in a bag or pocket. The last picture shows the clip and handle in use on a home DECT phone.

The benefit

Our client is now able to easily pick up their phone with little risk of it being dropped. They said:

“Thanks to ENABL3D.ME, I am thrilled with the handle for my phone. I am no longer worried about dropping it, which I frequently did, being unable to pick it up from being seated in my wheelchair.”

More Information

All of our designs for 3D print accessibility aids are available to download for free from our website ENABL3D.ME.

We are able to 3D print and post designs to you if you do not have access to your own 3D printer. We also offer bespoke accessibility aid design services.

Our free library of 3D print accessibility aids contains nearly 100 designs by ourselves and other makers.

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