Opening a kitchen window

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The challenge

The kitchen window handle has a button off-set from the handle. It must be depressed to engage the handle which otherwise remains locked. Commercially available opening poles do not take this into account. Several solutions have been posted on MakeAbility and a modification of one was used. The client is short of stature and needed to stand on a small folding step to get a suitable angle to operate the pole.


The solution

The ‘finger’ needed to depress the button is made from an M8x80 Hook bolt. This is heated with a blow torch and opened to a right angle using two mole wrenches, being mindful of the Hook bolt being very hot. The dowel is 20mm and fits into a plastic ’20mm Tee’ with an internal diameter of 22mm, used for water overflows. One side of the Tee was cut off to allow the Tee to slide far enough along the handle for the ‘finger’ to reach the button. The dowel was cut to 1 m. One reversed Nyloc nut and washer was fitted to the cold Hook bolt. An 8mm hole was drilled through both Tee and inserted dowel. The Hook bolt was pushed through the hole and a second washer and Nyloc nut was added to make a tight fit. A pencil rubber, available from good stationers, was fitted to the ‘finger’ end of the Hook bolt and cut to fit the window button. A rubber handle grip was added to the other end of the dowel to help the client turn the dowel. A little washing up liquid was used to lubricate the inside of the grip.


The benefit

The client was now able to open and close the window. It took a number of attempts to learn to raise the pole with the rubber on the button and to then twist the pole so that the handle opened. Once mastered, the client was happy with the result and asked for assistance with another window where the button is on the other side of the handle. The ‘finger’ could be turned to suit this as the Nyloc washers would not work loose.

2 thoughts on "Opening a kitchen window"

  1. Avatar Susan Park says:

    I have been looking for a gadget to open my fan light kitchen window and like this one it has a button which needs to be depressed to operate, PLEASE send me details and price! As this is the only ventilation in the kitchen I am desperate! Many thanks.

    1. Sophie Morrison says:

      Hi Susan,

      We’re a charity that custom makes equipment for disabled people when there’s nothing on the market. If you’re in the UK, this is likely to be something we can make for you for free. Please contact us with your address and we’ll link you up with a local volunteer who should be able to help.



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