Pedal support straps

Project    /  Status:

The challenge

For user with no leg movement to safely secure their feet to a pedal.

The solution

Two suitcase straps (one was red and the other was orange) were attached to the pedals using a Velcro. This Velcro turned out to be useful, as there are people using this particular bicycle without the disability. However, it may have been inadequate for people using the disability, and it was replaced by woven elastic bands screwed into the bottom of the footplate and wrapped in figures of 8 around the user’s foot. Other provided straps could also be used in its place, and holes were drilled into the footplates, and filed, to ensure all straps could be threaded through.

The benefit

Whilst it hasn’t yet been tested on a subject, it seems like a highly practicable method, though alternatives like elastic additions are also a good idea. Subsequently, elastic attachments looked quite robust.

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