Launching bogie for cruiser

Project  / Project number: 2006  /  Status:

The challenge

This client was unable to control the launch of his river cruiser due to osteoarthritis. The single jockey wheel at the front of the trailer tended to move in any direction even when locked in ahead position.

A two- wheeled launching trolley, that could support the cruisers nose weight of 75 kg, was developed to ensure a straight line could be maintained. The new trolley is positioned under the front of the trailer when the jockey wheel is used as a jack to lift the trailer to allow space for the trolley to fit. Nesting battens were affixed to the top platform to locate positively for motion in either direction, the jockey wheel is then wound up to ensure all the nose weight is now taken by the new bogie.

The client is delighted as he can now continue with his boating without the assistance of boatyard personnel thus saving them unnecessary expense and worry.