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Working Stool

The challenge

The client had multiple injuries to his back and pelvis following a fall. After three years of recuperating he was planning to return to work as an auto locksmith that required him to sit for periods of time at the roadside. His injuries did not allow him to sit up straight. His OT identified a need for a workshop stool with back support but there were none commercially available.

The solution

The client and OT had obtained a workshop stool but with no back support and insufficient seat cushioning. The existing seat was removed and new, more substantial one, was fabricated from timber, with a built in back support set to the recommended angle from the client and OT. A 12.5cm firm foam cushion was covered and attached to the stool to provide support and to spread the load evenly. The prototype was tested for stability and movement before finalising the design.  An orthopaedic chair or even an office chair with full back support would have been impossible to use in the semi-industrial working environment.  What was needed was just enough to allow support and relief in a workshop or at the roadside.

The benefit

Having the stool made the difference between the client being able to return to work or not.

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