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The challenge

The gentleman has cerebral palsy and uses the shower chair (shown below) to move around his house due to its smaller size in comparison to his wheelchair.

View of shower chair before modification

The chair doesn’t have a head rest and the manufacturers are unable to provide a suitable one. So, to improve the comfort as well as to provide support during seizures, an adjustable head rest that fitted to the existing chair frame was needed.


The solution

Oleh and Bill, used an adjustable head rest from another wheelchair (shown below) and replaced the screw attachment mechanism with a U-shaped bracket that fitted around the push bar at the back of the shower chair.

View of headrest on another wheelchair

To keep the headrest firmly fixed and prevent it from spinning around the push bar, a hole was drilled through both the U clamp and bar, a 3mm bolt was then inserted and secured with a nut.

View of finished shower chair with head rest

With the client in the chair the headrest was then adjusted to the right position and fixed in place.

The benefit

The headrest improves the comfort of the chair as well as the safety – providing support during seizures.

Engineers: Oleh & Bill

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