Eye Drop Dispenser

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The challenge

Suffering from severe arthritis the client was unable to operate the push button type eye drop bottle herself. This limited her independence as well as her husbands since the frequency of the eye drops (every 15 minutes) meant he could not leave her side for very long.

The challenge was to decrease the force required to operate the dispenser bottle such that the client could do this herself with minimal pain.


The solution

An aluminium device was made using levers to improve the mechanical advantage and decrease the force needed to depress the bottom of the bottle. This was fitted to an eye piece taken from a similar but incompatible product.

The device Mark made consisted of; a holder for the dispenser bottle, a handle that extended perpendicular to the bottle, and a matching lever arm and plunger with the pivot point located just above the bottom of the bottle.

View of drop dispenser in use

The result being that when the lever arm and handle are gently squeezed together the plunger pushes the bottom of the bottle down and dispenses the eye drops.

The benefit

This has given a huge amout of independence to the client and to her husband and has improved their quality of life.

Engineer: Mark

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