Wheelchair Trolley

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Interim 1

The challenge

The client’s children both use wheelchairs which meant that both parents had to be available to be able to take the two girls out at the same time, whether on day trips or trips to the local park or shop.

Side cart buggy systems for babies are available but for the two daughters, aged 6 & 9, this side by side arrangement was unsuitable due to the extra width.

The challenge was to adapt a wheelchair such that both children could sit comfortably, one behind the other, whilst still allowing the client to easily push and steer. Considerations also had to be made to the size, weight and complexity of the system since it would have to be packaged and sent by air for the family’s upcoming trip to America.

The solution

A trailing trolley was designed by Nick that allowed a child to sit behind the wheelchair and in front of the person pushing without getting in the way of the pusher’s legs.

The metal frame of the trolley consisted of an inverted U shape with a wheel at the bottom of each leg and a seat (with a collapsible rigid back) fitted on top. A strut from the inverted U to the main wheelchair served to connect the trolley by a removable pin, as well as provide foot rests for the rear child.

After initial testing, to increase the comfort for the client, the factory option of higher wheelchair handles was obtained.

View of final trolley with collapsible seat back

View of wheelchair and trolley (without seat back)

View of wheelchair trolley connecting pin

The benefit

The trolley now allows both children to be taken out, either on holidays or at home, by a single adult, increasing the family’s freedom.

Engineer: Nick

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