Child’s wheelchair canopy and handle extension

Project  / Project number: 2287  /  Status:

2287 canopy clip and handle extension

Righthand detail


The challenge

The client, a 5 year old boy, has Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and needed a canopy for his new wheelchair as he is vulnerable to facial tumours (from exposure to the sun.)

No suitable attachment is designed for his wheelchair. In addition he uses the chair in a reclined position which lowers the handles and makes it difficult / uncomfortable for he parents to push. He needed to be able to attach (and remove) a sun canopy and extend the wheelchair handles while not interfering with the back support, reclining triggers, and collapsing mechanism for transport / storage.


The solution

Two right-angled extension handles, with added bike grips,  constructed of painted 22mm copper pipe were clamped to the wheelchair back uprights using custom-made rubber clamps so as to not mark the wheelchair, but provide sufficient resistance to slippage / rotation.  Two custom-made clips, shaped to match the canopy grips, were bolted to the new extension handles.  The bolt heads double as stops to ensure the canopy stays in place.

The benefit

Allows the client to be taken outdoors and improves his parents’ posture when pushing him.

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