Wheelchair-mounted turn disc

Project  / Project number: BK2018/07A  /  Status:

07A turning disc

Wheelchair-mounted turn disc


The challenge

The client uses a turning disc when transfering from his wheelchair. Normally, this would be mounted on the floor and the wheelchair footrests moved out of the way. The wheelchair footrests are fixed, so a de-mountable method of fixing the turning disc to the wheelchair is required.


The solution

The turntable, made with a “lazy susan” low profile bearing, is clamped to the footrest with a quick-release clamp bolt (as used in cycle seatg posts). The client’s feet are strapped in place with 3D printed plastic “sandals” which are attached to the turntable with Velcro to allow correct postioning and for safety. The turntable can be locked in one of two positions by the carer with a foot-operated lever.

The benefit

The client can now safely transfer without needing a hoist.

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