Servo assisted sailing

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The challenge

RYA Sailability is a large well established organisation that enables those with disabilities to enjoy getting on the water in a variety of ways.

This project is particularly concerned with dinghy sailing, either accompanied or single-handed.

Early adaptations of dinghies relied purely on mechanical rearrangements of tiller and sail controls, but even more possibilities of use can be opened up by employing servo controls using battery powered actuators and a wide variety of inputs, including joysticks and sip and puff.

The solution

There are a number of solutions already existing in this area.  There are some specifically designed fully equipped boats that can be purchased.  There are also some items of commercially available retrofittable gear.  There is also a ‘home-brew’ package of kit, for which designs are available, for others to manufacture and adapt for their particular needs.  There is Forum which contains much information on the equipment design.

The benefit

The intention of this ‘project’ post and therefore hopefully the ‘benefit’ is that the wheel won’t be reinvented if Remap are asked to get involved with controls for servo assisted sailing.

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