Mounting Baby/Child Seats To Wheelchairs

Project  / Project number: LR13/74B, LR13/80B, LR13/87B & LR13/92B  /  Status:

The challenge

child bike seatIn common with all Remap panels, we have a recurring demand to mount equipment to wheelchairs. One of the
most challenging is the common request to mount a child or baby chairs for wheelchair-using mothers.
There is such a diverse range if wheelchair designs it is difficult to provide a standardised solution for this and
it was a desire to find such a solution that led to this design.

The usual Panel response from such a request is to analyse the wheelchair and build a custom solution to suit
that particular wheelchair design which is then unlikely to be suitable to be used again. This is unsatisfactory, it also presents a greater opportunity to introduce an unforeseen design flaw.

It was the goal of this project to design a generic solution that should fit most wheelchairs with minimal customisation
. Such a solution can then be re used efficiently.

The solution

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It is the possibility that the mother
may be tempted to place the child in a mounted seat whilst they are
not sitting in the chair. Whilst this may be safe with heavy electric all
terrain chair it certainly would not be with a light manual chair.

Therefore, any generic solution must impose the requirement that the
mother is seated on the wheelchair before the device can be used.

The benefit

The mother/parent can now comfortably and safely carry  their child giving them more independance.

2 thoughts on "Mounting Baby/Child Seats To Wheelchairs"

  1. Elaine Whan says:

    I’ve been looking for a seat I could attach to my wheelchair for my granddaughter do you know if this one is available to buy?

    1. alicelees says:

      The child seat is a YEPP and commercially available just search for YEPP Mini Bike seat

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