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2019-01-31 11.57.27

Daniel tries out the oven shelf

The challenge

Daniel enjoys cooking and wanted to become more independent by making his own meals. However, his mobility and vision problems limited his ability to do this. He could prepare his food on a flat surface, but was unable to transfer it safely to and from the oven.

The solution

What was needed was something to support the dishes at exactly the right level so Daniel could easily slide them in and out of the oven. In addition there had to be a way to get the dishes down to worktop level and to transfer the food to a plate. When not in use, the equipment had to stow away tidily.

We made a special support frame to do this. The main part is a sliding shelf that is fixed to the worktop alongside the oven. This can be pulled out when required. It is at the same height as the pull-out shelves in the oven. There is a metal plate to bridge the two, so hot dishes can slide easily between them. To get the food to worktop level, the dish is moved along horizontally and then down a sloping ramp.

For improved grip and better control, the cooking dish has metal handles attached. They are big enough to hold through oven gloves. And, to improve control when sliding it down the ramp, there is another fixed dish with the end removed to catch it at the bottom of the slope. This is at a convenient position to transfer the food to the plate.

When not in use everything packs away in the corner of the worktop clear of the hotplate.

The benefit

This device has given Daniel a lot more independence. Working alongside a helper, he can now participate fully in cooking his own meals.

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