Inflatable neck collar control system

Project  / Project number: 693 2005  /  Status:


The challenge

Inflatable neck collar control systemThe client has a debilitating condition that requires her to be prone in bed all day. She uses an inflatable neck collar to reduce pressure on her neck and requires a very quiet device with very light controls to allow her to inflate or adjust the pressure in the collar.

A 12 volt tyre pump powered by a rechargeable battery was used to inflate the collar and an electric air valve to release the air and deflate the collar. Light pressure on either of the two buttons on the control box starts both actions and release of the button stops the relevant action. An electronic overpressure device was developed and fitted to prevent overinflation of the neck pillow in the event of the control button being depressed continuously, or a fault developing.

The client can now adjust the pressure in the neck collar as and when required without the continuous need for help.