Accessible Bedside Cabinet

Project  / Project number: BN033/18  /  Status:


Open access bedside cabinet


The challenge

The client has Parkinsons Disease and recognises that he is, in his own words, on ‘a journey’. He has already put in place a large number of adaptations to his home to deal with his postural/muscular disability and has his own very specific ideas as to what he needs in place alongside his bed. After talking through the problem we jointly realised that the main problem of a typical bedside cabinet is frontal access.


The solution

We came up with a design concept to make use of all four vertical sides. The concept materialised into a housing for a flexible pegboard storage system from IKEA. Additionally two banks of adjustable shelves were fitted and provision made for convenient placement of portable bed urinal and bed adjustment controls.

The benefit

The client was pleased to have had all his particular needs whilst in bed catered for with a custom designed piece of furniture.

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