Wheelchair tray

Project  / Project number: BK2019/003  /  Status:


The challenge

in use

Wheelchair tray in use

The current wheel chair tray is too big and heavy to take outdoors. The client requires a bespoke lightweight version which can be stored on the wheelchair when out and about.


The solution

A vertical support tube was bolted to either side of the wheel chair. A table tray was made from 12mm plywood. Folding arms were attached to the underside so that they could be folded away when the tray is attached to the back of the wheelchair by Velcro. The correct height of the tray was fixed by inserting bolts as a ‘stop’ in the folding tubes attached to the table.

Tray with folded arms

Support tube

Tray stowed behind chair

The benefit

The client now has a tray for use outside

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