One-touch computer screen bracket

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The challenge

The client earned her living with her computer and had a spinal condition that forced her to spend her working day supine or on her side on a divan.  She had to move frequently to ease her discomfort and therefore often needed to adjust her screen orientation herself easily over a wide range.  Commercial screen stands require two hands and/or significant force to adjust and do not have the range of movement necessary, making them impracticable for this application.


The solution

The stand is designed such that all three rotation axes pass through the exact C. of G. of the screen.  The four pivot points  have oilite bushes and lubricated fabric discs with friction controlled by adjustable spring compression, to give a smooth action without the need of any form of clamping to maintain position. More detailed information is available

Showing range of adjustment

Pivot point

Centre pivot

The benefit

The client can easily adjust the screen to suit her ever-changing position, without the need for assistance.

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