One-handed ponytail tie

Project  / Project number: BK2018/102  /  Status:

3 - pulling the hair clip (with hair inside it) off the U shaped clip

Clipping the ponytail in place one-handed

The challenge

The client is a young stroke patient who wished to tie her hair up into a pony tail using just her non-dominant left hand.

The solution

A spring-loaded hair clip with long curved tangs was purchased. A  U- shaped clip/bracket made to hold it open.   This bracket was designed to attach to a door edge so its height above the floor could be adjustable and it could be fitted to any door.  The attachment bracket was another hair clip. The client found her stair banisters more convenient to hold this bracket.

With her one good hand, the client could clip the bracket onto the banisters. Then she could open the hair clip and push it into the U shape so that it was held in the open position.  She would then gather together her long hair and wind it into a spiral on the back of her head.  She would then put this spiral into the open jaws of the hair clip (attached to the banisters at head height). Pulling the hair clip, now with her hair inside the jaws, forward off the U-shaped bracket the hair clip would spring closed and would hold her hair in a ponytail.

Fix the two clips to a suitable point

Wind up the hair and place in the open clip

Move forward to release one clip from the other

Job done

This concept was further developed into this design.  There is also this alternative solution.

The benefit

The client can now tie up her hair unaided.

One thought on "One-handed ponytail tie"

  1. Nick Burraston says:

    Brilliant idea & looks simple & practical to execute

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