Tandem buggy

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tandem buggy

Two buggies clipped together


The challenge

Client has a disabled child in a disabled buggy and a new born baby in a standard buggy. She wishes to have some means to take them out together.

The solution

A semi permanent bracket was bolted to the elder child’s buggy. This has a 10 mm square grove to take the back axle of the younger child's buggy. The axle is retained by turnbuckles. Two fixed direction wheels and four caster wheels support the whole. The front buggy can rotate about the axis of its back axle allowing for uneven surfaces.

The green carrycot shown is interchangeable with a baby seat.

The resultant tandem buggy is somewhat heavy to manoeuvre.

The benefit

The client can now take both children out together.

3 thoughts on "Tandem buggy"

  1. Avatar John Manning says:

    I notice in the solution article it states that ‘the resultant buggy is somewhat heavy to manoeuvre’.

    I don’t know if you want comments from me, but I have produced a simple drawing that would negate having the baby’s chassis involved at all, thus removing one set of wheels.

  2. Avatar Terry Hunt says:

    Thank you. I should be interested to see your drawing.

    However the problem was complicated by the severely disabled child having to remain in its special seat fixed into the big buggy, when he was left at day care.

    The mother then needed the small buggy to carry the younger child, prior to returning later.

  3. Avatar Nick Burraston says:

    The solution looks inovative and makes best use of the two buggies, but, does look, as said in the write up, somewhat cumbersome to manouevre. The double challenge of seperation of the two buggies to allow one child to be left in daycare complicates the problem I suspect leading to the solution published. It is hard to imagine an alternative, better solution to the two mutually incompatible, parallel needs.


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