Cot Adaptation

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1312 completed

Cot Adaption


The challenge

The client is a young dad, he wants to be able to get his child in and out of the cot from a sitting position.

drawing of cot side, overlay frame and sliding doors.

Finished overlay frame with doors fitted.

Overlay frame fitted with doors closed.


The solution

The cot has sides with a top and bottom rail with 11 vertical bars, the top rail has a teething strip that fits over the top of the rail.

The cot also needed to be raised by 27cm to align the mattress height with the client’s lap when sitting in the wheelchair.

12 mm ply with 21mm x 45mm timber to support the cot legs was used to construct 2 end panels which were bolted to the existing cot ends with m6 bolts and wing nuts to allow the client to disassemble when the time comes to convert the cot to a bed.

An overlay frame was constructed using 21mm x 45mm and 21mm x 34mm timber and 10mm ‘U’ channel PVC for the runners, the joints were dowelled and fixed using flat angle corner brackets, the U channel fixed in place using araldite and 3 screws.

The sliding doors were 9mm MDF, slots were cut in the doors to enable the monitor camera to ‘see’ in to the cot as the couple use an app to monitor the child when he is asleep, these were fitted during assembly of the overlay frame.

50mm barrel bolts were used to secure the doors in the closed position, these had to be modified with new fixing holes drilled to get the bolts to reach over the ‘U’ channel and the pin engage with the female anchorage screwed to the bottom rail.

The end panels to raise the cot were attached to the cot ends with M6 screws and wing nuts,

The cot side was modified by cutting out the 5 middle vertical bars and white tape used to cover the saw cuts in the horizontal rails, the overlay frame was then screwed to the top and bottom horizontal rails preserving the teething strip in the top rail by fixing the frame just below it.

The benefit

The client is now able to get the child in and out of the cot without assistance, because the cot is raised by 27cm the child’s mother also has to use the sliding doors as the cot is now too high to reach over, they are happy to accept this limitation.

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