Height adjustable trolley

Project  / Project number: DB-88-02 2004  /  Status:


The challenge

Height adjustable trolleyThe mother of a boy with cerebral palsy is severely arthritic and cannot pick him up or grip anything. She needed a variable height table to transfer him between the toilet, bath and bed.

A powered elevating table on a trolley was constructed. A base unit on casters was made using rectangular section steel tube. The table top is elevated by a scissor jack raising mechanism which is powered by an electric linear actuator from a hoist. The table height can be adjusted between 430mm (for the toilet), to 900mm (for changing the boy’s clothes and putting him to bed). The trolley dimensions were optimized to allow it to be moved around/between the bathroom and bedroom.

His mother can provide the care he needs much more easily and within her capabilities and without hazard to him.