Modify sit-to-stand aid

Project  / Project number: BK2018/50  /  Status:


The challenge

stand in use

Modified ReTurn7400 sit-to-stand aid in use

The client’s feet are splayed and this means she cannot position herself far enough forward to safely stand on the platform of her ReTurn7400 sit-to-stand aid.


The solution

The new footrest clamps on top of the existing platform. It is wider than the existing base, enabling the feet to be positioned just behind the main wheels. Two stops prevent the feet sliding forward. Two new castors make the footrest bigger to cope with the client’s centre of gravity being further back. Soft, non-slip washable removable matting was added to the base and footrests. The existing knee rests were re-positioned to suit the client’s posture. The existing wheels and the new wheels  are all  in contact with the floor at all times.

The benefit

The client can now safely make her transfers.

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