Cigarette lighter

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Lighter showing "buddy button"

The challenge

The client wanted to be able to light his own cigarettes without having to keep asking his carers to do it.

The solution

After searching the site I decided to use the system designed by Essex Central.  The difference with this solution is that as the element is fitted to an Anglepoise lamp it can be placed with in easy reach of the client as he can move his head side-to-side.  He can operate the Buddy Button ,it only needs a slight tap to start the timer going, This lights the element for 16 seconds.


The battery  (12v Yuasa) battery is housed in the box, the charger is see on the top of the box. After some time of usage the client will come back to me and let me know how long the battery lasts and how many lights he gets.

The benefit

It gave the client a measure of independence.

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