Transfer Board

Project  / Project number: 18/BE/568  /  Status:


Reuben can transfer himself from his wheelchair to the toilet and washbasin

The challenge

Reuben has no legs, and prosthetics are not possible. He needs assistance to get into his wheelchair, and he needed assistance to get to the toilet. Commercial transfer boards are available, but they are too small and unstable for Reuben’s abilities. Also, the disabled toilet room is rather small. The question of personal hygiene needs were also considered.

The solution

Working with the OT, Remap NI decided on a transfer board supported on a frame. This enabled a large board, its size limited only by the space available; this in turn made for greater safety. The frame was built from discarded crutches, a source of material that has been used in earlier projects. Scaffolding clamps were obtained from a shopfitters; they are used for building shop window displays. They have been tested by building structures and standing on them. Reuben demonstrated that he felt safe and confident on the board: he was able to move about and regain his seat on his wheelchair without assistance. At this point his progress is being monitored, and if any modifications or adaptations are needed Remap NI feels confident that they can be made.

The benefit

Reuben already has a stair that enables him to climb from the floor up to his wheelchair; now he can get to the toilet. His father assures Remap NI that Reuben can cope with dressing and personal hygiene nearly as well as anyone of his age. Reuben himself was very grateful, and he seemed confident from the outset that Remap would find a way.

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