Head switch bracket

Project  / Project number: 07/08-44 2009  /  Status:

The challenge

Daniel has poor control of his hands, poor neck and upper body strength and is unable to speak. He can only interact via head/eye movement and the limited use of hand operated switches. He needed a switch mounting bracket that could be fitted to his wheelchair headrest, on to which buddy-button head switches could be attached.

A switch bracket was fabricated comprising a 2 – piece backplate with side arm extensions for the buddy-button head switches, with a stiffening piece preventing any excessive flexing during use. The backplate was made to fit the wheelchair headrest with integral clips and Velcro straps to secure it. A cloth covered headrest cushion was riveted to it. Velcro pads hold the switches in place.

Daniel has found great joy in being able to use his head switch to operate teaching aids and he is progressing well. He now straightens his back, sits upright and has become far more attentive.