Electric bike stabilisers

Project  / Project number: 04/05 2006  /  Status:


The challenge

Electric bike stabilisersThis little girl had been unable ever to pedal a bicycle or tricycle. She had an electric powered bike but, as she had never been able to learn to ride a bicycle, stabilisers were required. Modifications to the throttle and brake controls were needed to suit the client’s small size.

The stabilisers had to be attached to the existing foot rests and strengthening supports had to be added by making an additional attachment to the saddle tube, as this was the only solid part available. An adjustable stop was fitted to restrict the throttle movement to provide a safe maximum speed and the brake lever was modified to suit the small hands of the client.

The little girl was overjoyed at the new freedom and was able to play with other children and to go for walks with her mother and the family dogs.