Door opening problem

Project  / Project number: 369/06 2008  /  Status:


The challenge

Door opening problemAudrey is a wheelchair user. Her room has been fitted with the ‘Door Guard’ system to hold the door open, but to ensure closure when the fire alarm sounds. The problem is to enable her to open the door from inside.

An arm is fitted to the chair which can be lowered into position for door-opening. The chair is driven forward until a peg at the end of the arm drops into a hole in a horizontal plate. Reversing the chair pulls the door open and it is fixed in the ‘open’ position by driving the chair forward a small distance, which moves the plate to depress the ‘Door Guard’ plunger via a wedge and vertical rod. The arm is then lifted and the client drives out of the room.

Audrey can now open her door without help.