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Fly-by-wire kids tractor

Like most small boys Theo loves tractors, but when you are born with really short arms it makes steering a challenge. So Gerry, a fellow volunteer from the York panel, and I set about creating a safe fly-by-wire push along tractor to make the 20-month old lad very happy.

Blink activated alarm

A Raspberry Pi + Camera solution to allow someone with advanced MND to alert carers using just blinking.

Wheelchair tray

The client, an amputee and having had a stroke, required a tray for reading his paper and the facility to transport a mug of tea from kitchen to lounge. The tray had to be removable. A bracket was made coming from base of chair to accommodate hinging action of tray, with separate mug carrier. The […]

Wheelchair table

This lady client has multiple sclerosis, exacerbated by a recent stroke. This combination led to difficulty in food preparation as she needed her arms to be supported. A cantilever style table with splayed legs and casters was produced which allowed the powered chair to enter between the legs. This permitted the use of the chair’s […]

Water meter reader

This client, living alone on a farm, has two water meters. She needs to read them regularly to monitor her neighbour’s usage so she can allocate costs. Reading her meters is difficult due to her poor eyesight and a torch reflects on the protective glass on both meters. A magnifying lens was fitted on to […]

Walking poles

The client enjoys an outdoor lifestyle. Problems with her ankle mean she needs to use walking poles when walking on rough ground. She has difficulty holding these due to weak, unstable wrists. The poles supplied by the hospital are too heavy and cumbersome to use for long periods and she wanted poles that did not […]

Supportive toilet seat

A wheelchair user required additional support when using the family toilet, although standard support bars are already fitted. She accesses the pedestal from one side and needed additional support when in position. The device shown gives this support and further enables her to flush the unit. It can be easily removed by other members of […]

Stroke patient scanning board

The local hospital asked for a scanning board as a therapy aid to help patients suffering from strokes to overcome a frequently encountered difficulty in that they are unable to turn the body to scan to the left. There was limited space available in the therapy room. A four part scanning board was made consisting […]

Staircase half-step aid

The client was having difficulty in negotiating the full-height risers of a staircase but the disability was not such as to warrant the installation of a stairlift. Fifteen half-step boxes were made and fixed close to one side of the treads so as to form a full staircase of halfheight risers. The existing carpet and […]

Soap grip

The client was unable to grip soap in shower as he has a reduced grip following a stroke. A piece of sandpaper was stuck on the back of the soap – copying the ‘Cussons Imperial Leather’ principle. There is now no risk of dropping soap, but he must make sure he uses the correct side!

Plasterer’s hawk

After an accident to his left hand, a retired plasterer was unable to hold his plasterer’s hawk. The handle of the hawk was modified to include a tube to go over his wrist, and he is now able to plaster again.

‘One finger’ cup

The client has dystonia and has had the forefinger of one hand released by surgery. She expressed a wish to hold a cup when her friends call. The sealed tube through the beaker shown in the photographs allows her to hold a cup. The stand, weighted with lead, helps when ‘jamming’ the forefinger in place. […]

Motorised table top

A lady with arthritis was unable to push the cantilever table to one side to operate her riser recliner chair and had to wait for a carer to do so. The table top was provided with telescopic sliders enabling it to be pushed sideways by a fitted electric motor, sprockets and a chain. It has […]

Kitchen workstation

This nine-year old girl has a deformed right arm and her left arm is a stump finishing above the elbow. She can walk in calipers with difficulty. She wants to help her mum in the kitchen. A foldaway workstation was designed to include bowl, chopping board and non-slip board. She can either sit or stand […]

Gutter brackets for a Rutland trolley

A number of clients have needed gutter brackets fitting to Rutland trolleys to help manoeuvrability. The easiest solution is to remove the gutter brackets from a walking frame and fit them onto the trolley. The clients are then able to have extra support and control when transporting items in the home.