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Alternate Footrest for a Recliner

The patient could not stand things touching her calves due to a skin condition. This meant that she could not use her recliner as the footrest came up and aggravated her skin. 0

Chair raiser for swivel chair

Gary could not use his favourite arm chair as it was too low and no raisers were avaliable.
This project raised the chair by approx 75mm

Artist’s paint brush holder

The client has difficulty gripping the slender handle of her paint brush. This 3D-printed plastic holder will suit a range of brush sizes.

Pushchair grips

This mother has weakened hand grip and found it difficult to control the pushchair, particularly when having to raise and lower the handles to negotiate pavements. The new extensions enable her to use her wrists to control the movement and at the same time to be able to remove a hand quickly to control her […]

Gas bottle carrier

This client needed to be able to easily transport an oxygen cylinder. The carrier was made to take both 100mm or 175mm diameter bottles and can be easily stored when not in use. The client can safely and comfortably wheel his oxygen around. 0

Folding seat stick

In order to gain some independence the client, who uses hand crutches, needed a seat which she could fold and carry in a shoulder bag. Some of the components of a standard stick seat were used to fabricate one that folded but is high enough to suit the tall client. She can now go out […]

Computer aid

The client has very poor control of her hands and uses a pencil to press the keys of her computer. Her hand tends to drag over and activate keys not required. A wooden support on small casters was made so that the client’s hand could rest on the base board. A large work surface is […]