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Wheelchair oxygen cylinder carrier

The client has pulmonary disease, which necessitates a 24 hour oxygen supply. He is also a wheelchair user. He has purchased a new wheelchair but it lacks facilities for carrying the oxygen bottle within easy reach. A purpose-made bracket was made and fitted to accommodate the oxygen bottle at the rear of the wheelchair. The […]

Trolley for toddlers to be pulled through a willow serpent

Toddlers with cerebral palsy enjoy being pulled through a willow ‘serpent’ in a local community garden but the person pulling has difficulty in negotiating the serpent. The ‘tactile box’ is a trolley which was made with large wheels to run on uneven ground and has a ‘bucket’ in which the child can sit safely. It […]

Transparent rainproof canopy

A mother was unable to take her son out when it was raining as she could not find an adult-sized transparent canopy for his wheelchair. After much searching, we found a suitably strong transparent plastic with which to cover the frame we made to envelop the wheelchair. Mother can now take her son out for […]

Reading aid for reading machine

The client is blind but has recently started using a ‘reading machine’. This is causing strain at the back of the neck and he needed a head support. The client can see reading matter projected on to a television screen. Letters are 25mm high and he views from 150mm. The device is secured to the […]

Periscope to view aquatic wildlife

Toddlers with cerebral palsy visit a local community garden to view the aquatic wildlife but cannot see into the water from their buggies. As buggies often take two children, there are more children than teachers and so there would be safety problems if toddlers are taken out of their buggies. A fully adjustable horizontal periscope […]

Electronic aid for deaf client

The client could not tell when he was shouting in a normal conversation. The solution was an electronic belt-mounted aid, which measures the difference between the client’s voice and the ambient noise level. It vibrates when this difference exceeds a pre-determined amount alerting the client to the fact that he is shouting. He is now […]

Drinking station

This client is paralysed from neck downwards and lives alone. He sits in an electric posture chair. The only way he could drink was via an elongated straw placed precariously in a mug. It was found that he ingested air with each drink and could dislodge the straw We adopted the ‘Came Bak bite valve’ (used […]

Drinking aid with water bottle

The client has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. She wanted to be able to drink without assistance. An adjustable rig was made to support a water bottle at an elevated position and supply water to a ‘bite valve’ by gravity feed. The valve is located adjacent to the client’s mouth. The client now has […]

Dressing aid for jacket or shirt

The client has limited arm movement with consequent difficulty in putting on jacket, shirt etc. He could not get a garment over his left shoulder. Various commercial aids had been tried by therapist but without success. We identified that the client’s body movement should be employed by supporting the garment from a removable clip and […]

Door openers

This lady has rheumatoid arthritis which creates difficulty in opening her fridge and freezer doors. Two sheet metal handles were fixed to the doors enabling the client to open the doors from her wheelchair using clenched fists. The client can now use her fridge and freezer independently. 0

Digital camera operating aid

This client has multiple sclerosis and no use of his arms; he needed an alternative method of operating a camera. He was previously a professional photographer. A probe (plastic chopstick) held between the client’s teeth was used as part of a jig. This was mounted at the table attachment point positioning the camera precisely in […]

Buggy control aid

The client has a dislocated shoulder. She has difficulty moving her child’s buggy up and down hills because of the use of only one hand. A ‘U’ shaped arm aid is designed to attach to buggy using clamping support bolts and also attached to client’s waist belt. She now has control of the buggy over […]

Belly vice

The 51 year-old client had had a cerebral haemorrhage/stroke and was unable to use one arm. He had previously used a wooden “belly vice” to help him grip and open tins and bottles. Only plastic vices are now available and they break easily. He asked the panel to make him a new wooden one. An […]

Backrest for skateboard

A six-year old child has deformed legs which are fitted with fixators and must be kept straight when sitting. A suitable wheelchair was not available, leaving him immobile when at home. We made a skateboard with a safety harness, and he can now propel himself around his home using his hands. Another low-level wheeled seat. […]

Archery bow and arrow support

A support was needed to enable a wheelchair user to practice archery.  A garden parasol base was used for the support base, which was made adjustable in height and capable of being freely rotated both vertically and horizontally.  The support was made to be easily transportable.  It was necessary to source a special securing bolt for […]