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Drawing aid pen holder

The client is 20 months old and has arthrogryposis which causes him to have limited movement in his wrists, hands and fingers. His mum and OT wanted him to start holding a pen and drawing but this was not possible without help […]

Pommel mounted joystick

The client has very limited movement and only in one hand. He had a table-mounted joystick control for his Rea Azalea tilt in space wheelchair but he uses a tablet to communicate and both the table and the joystick were in the way of it. The request was to relocate the joystick so that the client could be access it, and access the tablet.

One-handed bed remote control

The client has insufficient strength and movement to use the bed remote control unless it is held in exactly the correct position. A device was needed to hold the controller such that the client could reach it in the night and make adjustments using one finger.

Smoker’s Aid

A client that has very limited movement wants to continue to smoke but can only do so with constant help by carers. A ‘Smoker’s Robot’ also known as an ‘Able 2 Cigarette Holder’ was used but beware, the device as delivered, did not work.

Treadmill child safety rails

Conversion of an adult treadmill for a 4 year old child. The side rails provide handholds, and the front bar stops him from either tripping on the frame or knocking his head on the control panel. The frame is height adjustable to allow for growth.

Balcony platform and ramp

The client used to be able to access her balcony but now uses a wheeled walker and cannot negotiate the almost 5″ drop. There was insufficient room to install a straight ramp so a combination of platform and ramp was required.

Workshop stool back support

The client needed a workshop stool that would provide support to his badly damaged pelvis and back to allow him to return to work in comfort. Working with him and his OT we devised the right amount of support, stability and mobility by modifying an existing commercially available stool.

Wheelie bin lid opener

Lawrence needed to lift the lid of his wheelie bin to dispose of domestic rubbish. His problem is that he cannot lift his arms much above elbow height and therefore could not open the lid fully. A bracket was fitted with two small pulleys and screwed to the wall above the bin. A cord passing […]

Wheelchair tray for student

Alec’s problem was that his arm would involuntarily fly up forcibly and endanger anyone who was standing nearby. As he was a student, with others invariably around, this was quite a problem. A larger version of a standard chair tray was made that would allow his arm to be held down with Velcro straps that […]

Knee-operated wheelchair joystick control

The client cannot walk and is progressively losing the use of his hands. He has an electric wheelchair and was having difficulty using the joystick control. It was found that the client can move his legs from side to side and forwards and backwards. He also has sufficient movement to control a joystick. A leg […]

Variable angle bath lift

Billy, aged 10, has severe cerebral palsy with no speech or sight and he cannot stand. He wriggled out from standard bath lifts but was too heavy for his mother to support. A bathing platform was constructed, with each end capable of being raised or lowered independently by means of hand-operated winches with ratchets. This […]

Toilet bench

The client is a wheelchair user and was finding it difficult transferring to the toilet from his wheelchair partly because of a progressive lack of strength and partly because of the position of the toilet in the corner of the room. A bench was constructed so as to provide a level transfer area to get […]

Tap reacher

The client, who is short of stature and has very short arms, could not reach to operate the taps in her kitchen. Levers were screwed into the tap handles and a ring braised on to the end of each lever. Onto a stick was attached a small brass lug which would fit into the ring […]

Support for communication aid

The client, a young person, is unable to speak and was being taught to use a communication aid. He needed to use this aid both in his wheelchair and his armchair but the manufacturer did not have any suitable means of fixing it within his limited reach. A suitable platform to hold the device was […]

Stair lift shelf

The client has multiple sclerosis and she needs to use a stair lift to get to her bedroom upstairs. Her bathroom is downstairs and to avoid going downstairs during the night she uses a commode. She then has a problem of getting the ‘bucket’ downstairs – spillages are frequent, as it has become difficult to […]