Suffolk East

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Very bright bedside reading lamp

An elderly lady needed a very bright bedside light to enable her to continue her passion for reading. This light was constructed from a 30W LED floodlight and made use of 3D printed parts to protect the electrical connections.

Mattress Spacer

This elderly client required a spacer to fill a gap in her mattress. She had been supplied with a pressure-reducing mattress topper, which (strangely) was 6″ too long for a standard double-bed.

Leg Exerciser for Standing Exercises

  The Leg Exerciser folds flat for storage or transport. To use, raise the frame to the vertical position and secure with the bolts and wingnuts. The bar adjusts from 22cm to 50cm in height. Adjust to a comfortable level below knee height and secure with the four bolts and wingnuts. Place the Exerciser on a […]

Modified Bariatric Walker for 6′ 8″ man

Remap were asked to modify a bariatric walker to assist a 6 feet- 8 inch tall man. The existing walker could be adjusted to a maximum of 950mm height to top of handles, a dimension of 1010mm was required.   To achieve this Remap spliced and welded extension tubes to the existing handles and reinforced […]

Modified Pedals for an Exercise Machine

Remap were asked to modify a pedal exercise machine. The brief was to help the user to retain their feet on the pedals during exercise whilst in a sitting position. This was achieved by securing a pair of the user’s shoes to the pedals as shown. Unmodified pedal Pedals in use To use, with the […]

Boy-Proof Secured Safety Gate

This young client had some learning difficulties but was very inquisitive and adept at some tasks, including opening his safety gate. To ensure he is safe in his room at night a standard type of safety gate has been used. However he had learned how to undo the latching system and a more secure arrangement […]

Bed Mounted Foot Support

This client’s posture is bent forward and this means his centre of gravity can incline him to fall forward. He normally sits on the side of his bed to get help with his personal care. It would be helpful if the bed could be raised to assist with the care but there was a risk he would fall […]

Modified Wheelchair Footrests

This client uses a conventional wheelchair for mobility, inside and outside the home. He likes to spend time cooking but finds it difficult to access the worktops and appliances from his wheelchair. In particular the conventional footrests prevent close approach to the units. As he requires foot support, Remap were asked if they could provide less protruding […]

Reverse-Braked Walker

    This project was to help a young woman regain walking skills after many years in a wheelchair. Several wheeled walking aids had been tried and it was established that the walker needed to be parked with brakes on, to enable the user to rise from the sitting wheelchair position. The user also felt […]

Dexterity and Thinking Aids

  Four dexterity aids were requested to help clients practice fine manipulations. The four aids were a ‘Tower of Hanoi Puzzle‘, ‘Buzzer and Wire“, ‘Nuts and Bolts‘ and a ‘Door Lock‘. The request was, that the small scale door that could be easily transported and positioned on a table top. The door was to have locks […]

Interactive Display Board

This project takes the form of a vertical board, ideal for use in an educational environment. Various different interactive elements can be easily fixed onto the board. The interactive display board will fold flat for storage and can be adjusted for distance and viewing angle. A Velcro tray can be slid into the guides and […]

Integral Swivel Chair Transfer Board

The Transfer board addresses the issues of transferring to and from a wheelchair to an office type chair which rotates and is on castors-the office chair has no brake. The user must have sufficient upper body strength to affect a transfer. The user has opted to use an office chair for short movements in their […]

Pivoting Table for Powered Armchair

This client had very limited strength in her upper body and wanted a table which had a reasonably large surface area but could be pushed aside rapidly if she wanted to vacate the seat. It also had to be fitted to a particular seating position of her powered armchair. A steel hollow-section frame was constructed to support […]

Wheelchair Transfer Board

This client has had a stroke. He wants to be able to transfer himself from wheelchair to bed. He uses a motorised wheelchair, the chair has drive wheels which project beyond the width of the wheel chair seat, because of this, there is a gap between the wheelchair seat and the bed. He is unable to […]

Walker Brake Handles Modified

This elderly client had very limited ability to use his fingers to pull up on the brakes of his walker. He mainly used the walker by resting his knuckles on top of the handles as a support. This was fine when he was moving on level ground, but the walker tended to run-away on a down-hill […]

Baby Lifting Aid for Wheelchair-bound Mother

This client was a wheelchair-bound mother with one strong and one weak arm. She had a 6 month old daughter, and it was difficult to lift her up onto the client’s lap without putting a considerable strain on the child’s arm. The client requested a harness with handles so that the handles could be used to […]