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Upper Limb Rehabilitation Aids

Aids to rehabilitation of upper limb function for intensive care patients.
Therapy, Activities, Skills and Kinesiology (TASK) Boards for University Hospital Southampton

Aids to use for upper limb function for cancer patients.

Cancer patients with metastatic spinal cord compression and who are largely bed bound, require simple exercises to maintain upper body actions. Two boards were constructed that could be mounted on over bed or conventional tables, and each contained a separate range of activities. Care was taken to ensure the activities and boards were safe and could be easily cleaned. Several features are the same as Project SO29/19.

Fridge door alarm

Client suffers from severe short-term memory loss following a motorcycle accident. Fridge and freezer doors are left open and an alarm system to respond to doors left open was requested. Two identical door sensors and timer alarm systems were supplied. The door sensors were heavy-duty surface contacts type TZ45Y in which the normally open reed […]

Padding for a cot

The client (aged 2 years) sometimes bangs her head without control. She now has a larger cot and the top rails and ends need padding. The padding must stay in place and the straps be tight. The top rails of the cot were covered in 22mm pipe lagging. The ends of the cot were protected […]

Ankle straps for pedals

The client is a stroke victim, who uses a set of exercise pedals to exercise his lower legs and ankles. His feet slide out of the pedals. He requires something to restrain his ankles from sliding off of the back of the pedals. The assembly was supplied with rubber ‘toe clips’ which were attached to […]

Shower chair with commode

The client has a shower chair that she uses to transfer from her living room to her bathroom. She now needs a commode pan fitting underneath this chair. However, there are no runners or sliders to which a pan could be attached. Since the shower chair is frequently sprayed with water, the solution to the […]

Wheelchair cup holder

The client has poor grip and has requested a cup-holder, mounted at the right height on the arm of her wheelchair so that she can drink comfortably with a straw. A clamp was cut from a block of aluminium with a pinch screw to clamp it onto the tubular arm of the wheelchair. A 3″ […]

Bath handle modification

The client has several debilitating conditions including the amputation of her left leg. She is a wheelchair user and needs constant support. She uses a 25 year old Parker bath. She can no longer grip the handles and finds that she slips down the bath. The OT suggested that an extension to the handles would […]

Computer pointing device (head held infrared)

The client has multiple sclerosis and is no longer able to use his hands and arms. He wishes to continue to use his computer and requires a pointing device. A SmartNav AT system was purchased by the client. This consists of a ‘camera’ fixed at the top of the monitor and a reflective dot fixed […]

Recliner handle extension

The Client had a stroke and has severe limitation of the use of her hands. Specifically, she is unable to work the lever that releases the foot rest of her recliner. A strip of metal was cut to length and bent such that when bolted to the existing operating lever, the user would find the […]

Walking stick – Fischer handle

The client had learning difficulties and is paralysed in his left hand and foot. He needed his Tetrapod walking stick handle changing to a ‘Fischer Handle’. The existing walking stick handle was removed by drilling out a rivet. The second stick with the Fischer handle on it was cut at 100mm below the handle. Both […]

Bicycle to tricycle adaptation

A client with cerebral palsy and balance problems would like to ride a bicycle. Normal stabilisers are not secure enough. The client’s mother initially requested wider stabiliser wheels for the bike, however she later found the ‘Mini-bike converter’ on the internet and this was ordered from ‘Bike Care, March, Cambridge’. The mini-bike converter converts a […]

Wheelchair dancing poles

The client really enjoys wheelchair dancing. However, since the wheelchair handles are at the rear of the chair, his partner has to stand behind him to push the chair round the dance floor. Some means of enabling the chair to be pushed from the front was required. A pair of poles was constructed, that could […]

Wheelchair baby carrier

Emma relies on a wheelchair but very much wanted to carry her daughter Charlotte with her as she went around the house and the garden and to be able to take her into the local park. A baby bike seat was used and mounted on a steel tube with the footrest taking the weight. The […]

Ultrasonic detector

The 60 year old deaf/blind client requested a device that would warn him of head height obstructions when walking. An ultrasonic proximity detector was mounted on a shoulder saddle and connected to a vibrator fastened to the client’s wrist. Electronic circuitry converts the signal from the sensor to a pulsating voltage that operates the vibrator. […]