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Shower step

An elderly man was finding it difficult to access the family shower because of the 200mm step. A 100mm commercial step had been provided by the Occupational Therapist in order to present two smaller stages but the lack of handholds still made it difficult.
This project was simply a low step with handrails both sides. It provided more security and the possibility to help the ascent with the arms as well as legs.

Bow stand for one handed archery project

North Lincolnshire council run activity sessions at various “wellbeing hubs” around the county. One of the activities is archery and although they had a bow stand made by Remap some years ago for wheelchair use they asked for another one suitable for use both in a chair and standing.

Wheelchair table for rifle shooting

Robert enjoys the sport of target shooting and one of the disciplines he competes in requires that his right elbow is rested on a support table. The table needs to fit on his wheelchair and be as firm as possible. The wheelchair has no arm rests or arm rest supports so the table needed either […]

Shower steps

Ann is waiting for two hip replacements and finds stepping up very difficult. A 4″ step is the most she can manage and the tray on her shower is 12″ high. A pair of stacking box steps were made each 4″ high to give access. Handles were provided for ease of moving and were made […]

Miniature step ladder

An 11 year old girl of restricted growth was to start secondary school. She would use a powered wheelchair for mobility most of the time but needed to leave the chair for use of the lavatory and for PE lessons. A small stepladder with hand rails was made to allow her to climb into and […]

Tray for clamping toys

A special school asked for a tray with clamps to hold toys and devices that could be clamped to worktop, preventing children knocking devices off worktops and breaking them. The clamps are the key to this job, fitted to a tray with a pattern of embedded T-nuts. Two sets of clamps consisting of fixed angle […]

Selection device

Staff at the Child Development Centre asked us to make a device to develop co-ordination with reward for the children. A motor driven rotating arm, in the shape of an arrow, is mounted on a box and covered with a transparent cover. The stop position being controlled by a press switch. If stopped within the […]