Umbrella holder on electric wheelchair

Already having a tubular holder for a rolled umbrella and walking stick, the client asked for a holder for the umbrella when used to protect him from rain. As the umbrella had a straight handle, a tube blocked off a little way down and attached to the wheelchair supports the open umbrella. The client can […]

Trampoline ladder

Connor, a three year old boy with Down’s syndrome, needed to get on his trampoline safely. A ladder made from decking planks locks onto the trampoline frame and has nowhere he can trap his head, arms or legs. Connor can now get on and off without assistance.   0

Toilet handrail

The client, having had a stroke, needed support from his left hand to rise from the toilet. A tubular rail, previously fitted, was too far away and to avoid the doorway, too far back to be of use. A steel tube running inside the original tube was welded to a plate. This was welded to […]

Toilet flush lever

Sue has weak wrists and could not operate the flush on a toilet. A clamp was fitted over the handle supporting a rod and wooden ball. Sue can now operate the flush by a push of the hand because of the increased leverage. 1+

Table to fit rising chair

An elderly gentleman, needing massage therapy, who sits in a rising chair, could only be massaged on his arms and shoulders if his arms were horizontal in front of him. Massaging his arms hanging loose was not an option. He also wanted a reading desk. A wooden table was made with a plywood top in […]

Support rail beside toilet

The client has only one leg and needed support rails around the toilet. A wall mounted bar had been obtained but the occupational therapist was not sure how it could be fitted. The other wooden bar on the other side was too far away. The new metal bar with leg was attached to a wooden […]

Step stool for toilet

The client of short stature could not climb onto the supplementary toilet seat frame and also could not have her feet on the floor. An MDF box was made which hooks onto the front of the frame. It is covered with a ribbed rubber mat to make it non-slip and easily washable. A helper is […]

Computer table for foot user

Five year old Jensen was given a computer at school with a large keyboard as he was born without arms and has to work with his feet. The special needs teacher agreed that the desk should be as good as or better than the other furniture in the classroom. No desk was commercially available to […]

Rollator rack on wheelchair

The client needed a means to carry her rollator on her wheelchair as she can use either means of mobility. A metal trough, made from folded and welded 2mm steel sheet, was bolted to the chassis. A webbing strap and buckle retain the top of the rollator. She can carry the rollator to places where she […]

Modified steering wheel

This client was accidentally hitting his car horn constantly because of the position of a knob on his steering wheel. A means of preventing this was needed. A metal shield was made and fitted to the steering wheel to cover the horn adjacent to the knob. The driver no longer inadvertently sounds the horn. 0

Method of loading three-wheeled scooter

The client needed to load his scooter into an estate car. Small wheels were fitted to the chassis on each side of the front wheel. These supported the scooter on the two ramps for loading and unloading. This solution is much safer than putting the front wheel in a lateral trough skidding on the ramps. The client […]

Leg lifter and positioner

Pippa has a paralysed left leg and needs to position her foot before standing. The lifter has a knee height handle at the top of an aluminium tube, with a shoewidth spur at the lower end. It also has a hook to carry it on a walking aid. Pippa can lift and shift her foot […]

Larger buttons for door opening controller

A paraplegic client could not operate a four function push button controller as the buttons were too small and too close together. As the control used radio, not infra-red, the controller could be mounted inside a double size electrical socket box. Four spring boards with pips underneath to engage with the buttons were fitted to […]

Horse mounting platform

Karon, in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, had been recommended to continue riding but could not mount her horse from a normal height block. A platform with steps was provided. Karon can now step astride her horse easily. 1+

Handlebar for mobility scooter

This blind man wanted a handle to enable him to follow his wife’s electric scooter and sense changes of direction. A socket already existed on the back of the scooter. Into this fitted a square tube and on to this was welded a round tube and handlebar. The square tube is secured with a large pin. […]

Drink holder on wheelchair

Leander is partially sighted, and required a safe place to stow a cup. The panel made a wire cup holder on an articulated arm, which clamps to the chair. Leander can now have a hot drink safely within reach.   0