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Pen-top remover

A pen-top remover for a jewellery maker who uses paper which she decorates using felt-tip pens. She has reduced strength in her hands due to Rheumatoid arthritis and has great difficulty removing the caps from the pens and glue-stick.

Removable padding for bed-leaver

Mr G lives in 24 hour supported living. He needed padding on his bed-leaver for safety in case he had a fit and thrashed about at night; the padding needed to be easily removable by his carers for when he needed to use the lever for getting in and out of bed.

Drum Stool Removable Backrest

Professional drummer with MND needed a droppable backrest so that he could get onto his drum kit stool independently, so he can play at his leisure.

A fitted sheet fitter

A fitted sheet fitter for enabling a person with limited dexterity and strength to fit the last corner of a fitted sheet.

I can jump waves on holiday!

Twin with Cerabral Palsy wanted to use his ‘K’ walker on their 1st seaside holiday on the sand and in the sea.

Walking frame holder for scooter

Man with cerebral palsy walks with a frame at home. When shopping he uses his scooter, and has to leave his frame behind. This makes him unable to access the shops, having to wait outside while his wife goes in. An attachment was made to hold his walking frame on his scooter. The attachment allows […]

Marathon crutches

A London marathon entrant broke his ankle but was determined to carry on, using crutches but “running” on crutches poses problems: 1. Crutches hit road at an acute angle, so often skids. 2. Cause rapid wear to rubber tips. 3. Severe impacts are transmitted to upper limb joints causing multiple injuries. 4. Standard crutches rapidly […]

Bespoke drop-down bed lever

The client has chronic pain, and an above knee amputation, and her medication causes drowsiness. To relieve pain, she sits on the bed edge, often falling when she dozes. She needs support when sitting there, whilst remaining independent in transfers. A drop-down bed lever, allowing access on/off the bed when in the lowered position was […]