Northern Ireland

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Crutch Stand

An 80 y.o. woman has severe arthritis of her right hip, and is awaiting a replacement. She needs two crutches in the meantime. A stand for the crutches was made from 6 mm MDF – a base plate, three vertical members, and two horizontal plates. The verticals are glued into 6 mm slots routed into the base plate. The lower horizontal is glued into a slot in the base plate, and has 3mm deep slots at the ends and in the middle to match up with the verticals. The upper horizontal has similar slots, and is glued in place. The stand has been in use for a week, and has proven to be stable.

Bendy Spoon

Richie is in his forties and he has limited use of his right arm. He has partial use of his shoulder and elbow but he can’t rotate his forearm or wrist – his thumb is always uppermost. He has a spoon (see photos) which he acquired about forty years ago. He can’t find a replacement and he asks if one can be made. I’m thinking about a piece of stainless steel from a discarded kitchen sink – or does anyone know where a spoon like this can be bought?

Transfer Board

Reuben, aged 6, is in P2. Born without legs, he needs a way to get from his wheelchair to the toilet. Working with his OT, Remap NI made a transfer board. This needs to be supported on a frame; this was built from aluminium alloy tube salvaged from no fewer than sixteen discarded crutches. The board itself is chipboard; it has layers of foam and padding all covered in furniture grade polyurethane. Reuben launched himself on to the board without hesitation; he is one happy boy with a new degree of independence.

Footplates for exercise bike

Remapni recently had an enquiry from a physiotherapist in a special school. Sheila has a pupil who wants to use a static exercise bike. The problem is that it is a little big for him, and his feet tend to turn outwards. This causes his heels to catch on the cranks. There are straps on […]

Walking stick adaptation

A client wanted an attachment for his walking stick to allow him to keep his stick upright when shaking hands, getting change out of his pocket etc., without having to swop his stick over into his other hand. A rubber ‘plate’ was fixed to the base of the stick by an aluminium tube section and […]

Walking aid

A severely brain injured man had broken his kneecap in a fall. The Zimmer frame supplied proved unsatisfactory as he placed himself at an angle into the frame and pushed himself along with one leg which trailed behind. Two obsolete Zimmer frames were bolted together and 600mm horizontal bars fitted. The improvement was remarkable. He […]

Walker adaptation

Following a stroke, Gwen had difficulty using a standard walking aid. She had a four -wheeled walker, but had difficulty steering it and using the braking system so she could sit down and rest safely. A crossbar was fitted which was freely hinged at one side, and held safely in place with clips. A dual […]

Tracked digger driver loader

The client, who is a paraplegic, had difficulty transferring into his mini digger independently. The solution needed to be transported easily with the mini digger when traveling to and from jobs. The seat needed to rotate to assist with the transfer and to be height adjustable to allow the client to transfer from his wheelchair […]

Reading desk with adjustable magnifier

Client has multiple sclerosis and is unable to keep her head still enough to use a magnifying glass to read the paper. A magnifier/ light attachment was purchased and mounted on a stable metal floor stand allowing it to be adjusted vertically and horizontally. A support for her reading material was made and sits on […]

Modified recorder

A little girl wanted to learn to play the recorder along with the rest of her class. She dearly wanted to take part, but was unable to as, sadly, she has some fingers missing from each hand. The panel’s engineers and occupational therapists put their heads together and came up with the idea of an […]

Ice skates for wheelchair

This client who spends much of his time in a wheelchair enjoys trips to the local ice rink. His father has learnt to skate and pushes him around the rink. The problem is that it is quite a strain on his father to lift him down from the chair onto the sled. Skates were made […]

Fishing rod reel adaptation

The client’s hand is not fully under his control and, when fly-fishing, he has difficulty reeling with his left hand when casting with his right. The small winding knob on the reel was replaced with a much larger handle four inches long. The client says he is very pleased that he can now reel more […]

Bowling aid

The client had a bad back and also pain and tension in her legs and toes. She was unstable when she stooped to bowl. A helmet with a wooden walking stick was cut down and adapted to provide a stabiliser. The aid has enabled the client to carry on the bowling she so enjoys. (Antrim) […]

Book stand

Thalidomide meant that this client was born with no arms. He enjoys reading and has a large personal library including all shapes and sizes of book. The solution was a foldable, portable bookstand, which holds an open book upright. This is loosely based on a commercially available solution that was not large enough to hold […]