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Window opener for button catches

This lady has arthritis and could not reach her window catches.The catches had a button which had to be pressed as the handle was turned. A device comprising a loop on the end of a pole was made to go over the handle and an adjustable pin was provided to operate the button. The client […]

Special washing line

This client has arthritis and cannot raise her arms above chest height. She wanted to hang her washing on an outside line. A continuous loop of clothes line was fixed at the usual height at one end and attached to a pulley. This can be raised and lowered on a guide bar by a hand […]

Raising and lowering washing line

A woman who is a wheelchair user wanted to hang her laundry on an outside clothesline. A continuous clothes line traveling between two pulleys one at fixed height (in the garden) and the other, capable of being raised and lowered, was attached to the garage wall. The client can now have independence and freshly dried […]

Failsafe pushchair brake

The client is a young mother who has epilepsy and was concerned about losing control of her pushchair in the event of a seizure. A bicycle brake lever was fitted on the handlebar of the pushchair which operated a plunger which engaged with a toothed wheel on the axle. Removal of her hand from the […]