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Voice Control Of Electronic Device

As I have been on furlough this is a learning exercise as to how to control a device via a web page.
Voice control is a common requirement for many – and many commercial devices are now available via Alexa or other such service […]

Push Button Sewing Machine, Juki

A tetraplegic client acquired a JUKI sewing machine in order to continue his work sewing gloves for wheelchair users. The machine is equipped with a digital servo drive with foot control. Can it be adapted for push button control?

Front Door Lock Indicator

Our client was concerned that her mother was forgetting to lock her front door, or was unable to be sure that it was indeed locked.

Push Button Sewing Machine Control

Our client, with tetraplegia, is able to manipulate his arms enough in order to push and pull and very lightly hook (or hold) objects in his otherwise immobile fingers. He has sufficient patience and skill to use a sewing machine to make rubber padded gloves to protect the hands of fellow wheelchair users.

Wheelchair stair lift

This wheelchair user could not climb and descend two steps in his hall. There is no room for a ramp. A platform on parallel legs from a frame was sunk into the hall floor. Motive power is by a 24V Warner actuator assisted by two quarter elliptical leaf springs. Operating control is by a push […]

Walking frame carrier

The client relies on the use of a large walking frame, but also needs an electric buggy to cover longer distances. On disembarking from his buggy he needs the walker, so a method of taking both was required. The job required brackets on the buggy so that the walker could be hooked on. He now […]

Stair gate for child

The client is a seven year old autistic boy who frequently wakes at night and wanders. An existing gate at the top of the stairs was low and there was danger of him toppling over and down the stairs. A higher than standard safety gate was made and fitted. It is secured by a catch […]

Power wheelchair football

This client has inaugurated a power wheelchair football club and required a “bull bar” for his wheelchair to facilitate ball control. A welded thin-walled steel tube was constructed to attach to the wheelchair so as to be easily fitted and removed. The finished frame was covered with plastic heating pipe insulation. The client has started […]

Paging device

The client, in his early twenties, has Down’s syndrome and has limited sight and hearing. He likes to occupy himself in his room but is subject to epileptic seizures usually triggered by being taken by surprise. His family needed a gentle means of attracting his attention when necessary, for example, when meals are ready. The […]

Book rest

The client cannot hold a book or look down to read due to severe arthritis. A simple wooden lectern was made which straddles the client’s armchair. This was fitted with simple wire page holders and holds the books in exactly the correct position. The client can now enjoy reading books of any size or shape without […]

Angled reading stand

The client is unable to bend his neck to read books or papers in a horizontal position and needed a simple stand to elevate them.  An adjustable stand was made with an attached book rest to hold reading matter at the optimum angle.  The client can now read without difficulty or pain.