Milton Keynes

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Wider Wheelchair Wheels

Client has a lightweight wheelchair with narrow wheels that are uncomfortable over uneven terrain, such as cobbles. We were asked to fit bigger wheels to make pushing the chair easier and its occupant more comfortable.

Zip fastener assister

The Client has Parkinson’s disease, with a right hand tremor and very weak left hand. He needed some device which would make it easier to do up the zip on his jacket and other items of clothing fitted with zips.

Phone modification

The client had severe gripping difficulties, and could not hold a phone properly. A simple handle was glued to the phone handset so that it could be more easily held. The client can now use the phone much more easily. 0

Mounting for communication switches and smart box

The client has multiple disabilities and uses a ‘smart box’ as a communication aid. His speech has deteriorated and his wife is having difficulty understanding him when they are out of the house. She asked if it would be possible to mount the foot operated switches and smart box on his wheelchair. A board was […]

Mobile phone stand

The client required a stand for his mobile phone so that he could operate it with his tongue. An aluminium cradle was produced and mounted on a wooden block for stability. The aluminium was covered with leather to protect the phone from scratching. The client was very satisfied with the solution. 0

Height of kitchen equipment

The client attends a chef’s course at Milton Keynes college. He is 19 and currently 6’ 11″ and still growing. He was having difficulty when working as the surfaces are standard height and needed something to raise the chopping boards etc. An aluminium support frame was designed and manufactured which would locate and raise his working […]

Head pointer for boccia

The client is an England international boccia player and required a head pointer to enable her to release the ball in certain situations. The inside of a safety helmet was used as a base. A coach bolt was secured through two aluminium strengthening plates, at the front of the helmet, to which an alumiunim tube was […]

Head pointer

This client’s current head pointer was worn and needed updating. The plastic inner frame of a safety helmet was used as a base. This was fitted with an aluminum strengthening plate & mounting bolt. A piece of aluminum tubing was taped at one end and screwed onto the bolt, the tubing was then bent to […]

Footrest for commode

The client finds that the footrest on her commode does not support her feet. A right angled aluminum plate was produced to fit within the existing framework of the chair. A rubber mat was glued to the surface to prevent the client’s feet from slipping. The client felt safer sitting on the commode as her […]