Leicestershire & Rutland

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Mounting Baby/Child Seats To Wheelchairs

A soulution to the recurring demand to mount equipment to wheelchairs including Wanzil trend babyy carrier, YEPP child bike seat and a solution for non-child carrying purposes using an offset socket which can be useful for other devices (for example a tray).

Mini staircase for cabin bed

This young girl was really struggling with the narrow steps to her bunk bed, and needed a more secure footing. A mini staircase was constructed to match the existing bed; it is clipped securely to the bed and has an added bonus of extra storage under the steps. To quote a letter of thanks from […]

Ladders for mountain climbing in a wheelchair

A former Commando, paralysed in a climbing accident, wanted to climb Kilimanjaro in his wheelchair. He needed help climbing the scree slopes in his specialist arm powered hand bike. A set of 6 ladder sections of about 1.8m in length were made. Each of which could be plugged into one another to form either one […]