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Window opener for Helen

Helen could not reach the handles to lock and unlock the windows in her ground-floor flat. The handles include both left-hand and right-hand release buttons, and the mechanisms are rather stiff. The operating lever has a hinge so that Helen can adjust it to suit the alignment of her wheelchair relative to each window; there […]

Wheelchair wrist retainers

David can have very strong involuntary arm movements. Previous efforts to hold his arms on the chair armrests have been unsatisfactory. Channels with hinged tops, made from plastic guttering, were securely strapped to the armrests. They were held closed, when around the client’s forearms, by Velcro straps. Various forms of padding were tried and the […]

Wheelchair modification for Chloe

Chloe has been controlling her electric chair with her right foot for several years. She needed a new chair but could not find one with a foot control and the required low speed operation. The chair is for indoor use only. A new chair with joystick control was purchased in consultation with the panel. The […]

Wheelchair camera mounting

The tetraplegic client has partial use of his right arm and lies on his stomach in his wheelchair. He is a very keen photographer and needs a mount for his camera and camcorder. A suitable bracket was made with lockable vertical and horizontal adjustment. It is fastened to the underside of the table on which […]

Tipping wheelbarrow

Children at Ravenscliffe School love gardening but some can contribute little or nothing to the activity. A wheelbarrow that can be attached to a wheelchair would be a useful enabling facility, especially if the child could make it tip. Severely handicapped children can be motivated by participating in the activity rather than merely watching. The […]

Three wheeled walker

The client has rheumatoid arthritis and uses a three wheeled walker with gutter arm supports to assist her mobility. In certain circumstances, typically when transferring her weight from a sitting to standing position, negotiating changes in floor levels such as small steps or going down ramps, she found the standard walker unstable with a tendency […]

Swimming aid

Adam is blind and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. However, he loves swimming, but he needs a flotation device which will keep him upright and stable and which can be adjusted as he grows. The device shown in the photograph was made using polystyrene for the floats, connected by neoprene tape, clamped to the […]

Musical spoon

The 18-month old client had a severe eating problem making eating a frightening experience. It was suggested that if music played when he put a spoon in his mouth, he may be encouraged to eat. A gold-plated wire was fixed to a plastic spoon and connected by a flexible lead to control electronics. A second […]

Elastic bandage applicator

Sandra has a skin complaint that requires a full-length elastic bandage on her left arm. Limited dexterity in her right hand makes applying the bandage difficult. A length of plastic drainpipe was selected. Sandra feeds the bandage over the top of the pipe using both hands. She then inserts her hand into the top of […]

Low level wheeled seat

The young client had to ‘walk’ using his upper limbs, dragging his lower limbs behind him. Some form of mobile seat was suggested for use in the home. Two models of differing size were made using padded chair seats, fitted with small wheels. The devices were a great success, making movement around the house much […]


Eight-year-old Callum needs some respite from learning to cope with two prosthetic legs, a consequence of a rare reaction to chicken pox three or so years ago. Joining his friends in the skateboard craze will be excellent therapy for Callum and beneficial for his progress and future confidence. The wheels of a skateboard were shifted […]

Shower tray

A young lady with muscular dystrophy was beginning to encounter difficulties supporting the weight of her upper arms and reaching for shampoos etc when showering and washing her hair. A detachable tray was devised which fitted across the arms of a standard shower chair enabling the client to rest her elbows on the tray and […]

Sewing machine threader

The client has virtually no wrist movement due to osteo-arthritis but retains reasonable finger dexterity. Sewing is her hobby. She is able to operate her sewing machine but has difficulty threading it. She is unable to use a wire loop threading aid due to her lack of wrist movement. The solution was to design and […]

Protective car screen

The client, with autism and epilepsy, sometimes lashes out unpredictably when distressed. Some form of screen was required to protect the driver and front seat passenger. Because the car is a 2 -door model, separate detachable screens were made for fitting to the backs of the front seats. Polycarbonate screens were fitted to sprung mountings, […]

Platform for stair lift

The client is of small stature and could not use her stairlift without climbing onto a box to reach the seat, with consequent risk of falling. Various possibilities were considered, but finally, the whole stairlift was lowered by 50mm. This involved creating a well at the bottom to support and accommodate the structural base of […]

Pen holding aid

The client has a spinal injury, which has resulted in a loss of grip and the inability to hold a conventional pen and in particular to angle it correctly. The solution was to make a large diameter holder with the writing tip angled so that the end of the body remote from the tip can […]