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Head support

A client with motor neurone disease has “dropped head syndrome” meaning his neck muscles have insufficient strength to keep his head upright. The usual solution to this problem is to use a neck brace, but Chris found this solution very uncomfortable. Remap made him a light weight and discreet aid.


Following a serious accident, the client is unable to raise his hands to his face and accordingly is unable to feed himself using conventional cutlery. A long-handled fork was made for him which has proved successful, but he would like the additional flexibility offered by a spoon. A long-handled spoon is not viable so a means of raising a spoon from the plate to the mouth was needed which maintained the spoon in a horizontal position throughout. Enter the ‘Spork-lift’!

Tamper proof car harness buckle

Hyper active child constantly undid seatbelt buckle and roamed the car, often grabbing the driver. The need was for a simple device which would permit the buckle to be used either normally or in tamper proof mode. It should not interfere with releasing the buckle in an emergency. The original request was made more complicated […]

Device for one-armed cricketer

Iain is a keen young cricketer who was born with the bottom of his right arm missing. A lightweight device was needed with 360 degree flexibility of movement to help him play cricket. A thermo-plastic tube was fitted with a universal hook joint mounted in a sealed ball race and attached to an aluminium socket […]

Working stepped stool

The client is unable to extend her legs from the hips and knees. She is in a permanently crouched position and needed a stool to enable her to work comfortably in her kitchen. A simple stool was made with steps which enabled her to reach her work surfaces with ease. The client is now able to […]

Weighted beaker

The client’s condition resulted in violent hand tremors which prevented him drinking from a normally weighted, though modified, tumbler. After some experimenting, it was found that by adding weight to the beaker in the form of an encased lead ‘shoe’ this enabled the client to use it normally. The client can now drink without assistance […]

Typists chair steady

The client has very weak arms and legs and wished to use her computer, at a normal desk, to write a book. Her problem was steadying the typists chair as she mounted and dismounted. A nest was provided to sit against the wall and into which the chair casters nestled when she needed stability. The […]

Telephone dialling system for the blind

An almost blind client, unable to read even large telephone buttons, required a simple dialling system with pre-programmed numbers. The telephone was electrically connected to a commercial pre-programmable speech-recording device mounted in a metal box which houses the control electronics, a speaker and microphone and has eight selector buttons. When the client selects a button […]

Child’s stair lift

Oliver is a young boy who, having cerebral palsy, cannot climb the stairs and whose prime carer, his father, is also physically disabled and therefore unable to carry him. As Oliver grows, the problem is only going to get worse. The width of the stairs is quite limited and yet all members of the family need […]

Special worktop

Sharon, who has multiple sclerosis, is seated in her wheelchair all the time. She wanted to use her kitchen worktops for the usual purpose, but her chair would not allow her to sit close enough to do so. A new worktop was provided which would pull forward on rails to allow her to sit at […]

Pot holder

The humble double-sided suction soap holder, as shown in the photo, has hidden talents which can be put to good use to help the disabled. Elaine, who had the use of one arm only, experienced great difficulty in holding various kitchen utensils and crockery for cleaning. After considering several options, none of which were practical, […]

Pan holder

Lakhbir has the use of only his right arm and also has a slight learning difficulty. He enjoys cooking but cannot hold a pan with one hand while stirring with the other. A device was produced which fitted on to the pan supports on the gas ring, locating the pan centrally over it. Lakhbir can now […]

Painting easel

The client, who uses an inclined wheelchair, wished to hold her paints and painting work at a suitable angle. An adjustable easel was produced which would fit on the tables at the care home where she resided. The client can now enjoy her hobby without outside assistance. 0

One-handed baby sling

The client has no strength in her right arm and needs to be able to carry her baby up and down stairs without the support of her left arm. A commercial baby sling needs two hands to be effective. The heavy ends were removed and replaced with suitable webbing, utilising the existing twin ring buckle. […]