Hertfordshire South

To contact Remap South Herts, email herts.s@remapgroups.org.uk, or call Di on 07514 211393/01442 392309


iPad stand for AI text to speech app.

The client uses an AI app on her iPad to read documents. Unfortunately the iPad has to be held very still when capturing the image and she was struggling with this (ad so did I when I tried it out). Her OT contacted us as asked if we could make a stand to hold the iPad and an A4 sized document so that she can have it read to her.

Audio Guitar Tuner

The client plays a guitar and is also visually impaired and a friend had discovered a modified guitar tuner on the internet that had an audible indication using an Arduino micro-controller to interpret the indicators and send sequences of sounds to an earpiece, he asked us to make a similar device.

Oven transfer shelf

This handy shelf allows Daniel to slide hot dishes in and out of the oven safely.

Speech communicator

Our client was having trouble communicating with those around her. Her low vision and other disabilities made talking and using equipment difficult. The solution, specially developed by Remap, was a dedicated speech communication device.

Power Assisted Picker

Client is a 9 years old with joint problems, they cannot bend down to pick things up and has weakness in wrists and hands. They have tried 2 different sorts of “pick up sticks”, neither useful as mechanical system offers to much resistance. So I decided it would have to be some sort of electro-mechanical […]

Recliner / Riser chair controls

This client has difficulty pressing the small buttons on a recliner chair control box, and too easily knocks it off the chair arm (where it has been placed by a carer) when trying to use it when the carer is not immediately available. The client has sometimes tried to stand up in the chair whilst […]

Window Opener

Updated 25.04.2017 – the locked nuts M6 coach bolt proved to be inadequately strong and came loose after some use. A modified version using a hex M6 spacer and washers soldered to it was made and supplied to the client. This is the design for a window opener for three cranked window handles (2 right […]

Tray for wheel chair user.

The Client was a young lady in her mid thirties who had moved into an apartment with assisted living approximately one year earlier. She has M.S. and has limited leg length and up until that time had been cared for at home by her parents. She had great difficulty in carrying food, plates and mugs […]

Stair Gate to Prevent Falls

The client needed a stair gate to prevent them falling down the stairs when they moved about upstairs at night.  With the gate in place the client could move around upstairs without fear of stumbling down the stairs. The gate was constructed from Easyfix aluminium sections and joining pieces.  Piano hinge was used for the […]

Window opener over sink

A common problem encountered by clients such as Ada is being unable to reach to open windows – especially those in kitchens where the window is the far side of the sink. An opener with a ring to slip over the window handle was made, with a cross formed by two pieces of dowel for […]

Wheelchair security device

The client uses a wheelchair but could not go out by himself in his car as once he had transferred from wheelchair to car the wheelchair could not be secured in position for his return and if moved might not be within his reach thus trapping him in his car. A wheelchair lock with a […]

Wheelchair access for narrowboat

This wheelchair user needed access to the narrowboat she and her husband lived upon. The deck area had been modified to give access from the bank to the deck. A hydraulic lift was not wanted as any leak would be a major problem on a boat so an air bag solution was developed. A bellows […]

Using a folding shower chair as a commode

The client has a folding shower chair which was also needed as a commode, but did not wish the chair to be altered in case the warranty was lost. A standard commode was modified to allow it to be fitted to the chair by using existing fixings on the shower chair without the need for […]

Toilet support bar

Elizabeth has a spinal deformity which left her severely bent forward. She could not sit on a toilet without someone to hold her, and she obviously wished to be able to do so. A swing-down padded arm was made which could be lowered into position once the client was seated. It was sufficiently strong to […]

Steps and tap operator

A young lady of eight years of age has restricted growth and cannot reach the kitchen tap to make herself a drink. A set of steps was made that could be easily moved to and from the sink by the client herself. The treads were faced with cork tiles and the handrails made from two […]

Power steering for a walking frame

This client was unable to steer her heavy walking frame that she needed to develop strength in her legs. The front castering wheels were replaced with wheels in straight forks. Power is provided from a cordless drill with two rechargeable batteries. The client steers the frame by using her thumbs as she grips the bar […]