Hertfordshire North

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Walking frame support bracket for electric buggy

Client wanted to take a folding walker when out on her electric buggy A steel tube bracket was made. It attaches to an existing square steel socket under the seat. The walker is retained on the bracket by ‘Velcro’ straps The client is now able to use her walker when out with the buggy.  

Wheelchair camera mount & storage trolley

A disabled young man was unable to use his digital camera. The camera was needed at lap level to turn it on and adjust the settings but it needed to be elevated to see the LCD screen. A remote shutter mechanism was also required, as was a storage and transport facility. A three tier table […]

Two page turners

There are two clients, neither of whom can turn pages themselves. The little girl has only slight movements in her fingers and the man only foot control. The machines were developed jointly with the North Herts panel, this particular one being supplied to Inverness panel. Both units cope with paper and hardback books, can reverse […]

Tape recorder interface unit

A blind lady with multiple sclerosis who is having singing lessons needs to operate a twin track tape recorder. She does not have the strength to lift her hands and press the control buttons on the recorder. The interface unit has a tray to accept and locate the recorder and five flap switches to control […]

Portable page turner

The client is a quadriplegic who wished to turn the pages of various books. A voice operated, battery driven page turner was developed which allows pages to be turned without any physical intervention. This allows the client to read by themselves.

Lifting platform for bilateral amputee

Charles is a remarkably agile bilateral amputee who gets around on his bottom. He has developed an arthritic neck and shoulder following 70 years heaving himself from floor to chair height. He required a mobile contrivance that would raise him from floor to chair height. A platform was built which is pneumatically elevated and stabilized by […]

Head pointer for school

Several pupils at a special needs school who cannot communicate verbally wanted head pointers so that they could point a light at a board and highlight messages. We wanted lights that could be used over a fairly long range in class and also looked ‘cool’. The pupils chose baseball caps which they liked and we […]

Electrical equipment to lift forearm to assist feeding

A feeding device for motor neurone disease patients was required by a local hospital. The device needed to be able to be used by the patients either standing, sitting or lying down and the physical input required to operate the device had to be kept to the minimum. The design uses the patient’s arm as […]

Child transfer trolley

Ellie, a brain-injured 6 year old girl, needed a means of transferring her from a bath lift, providing a safe and secure area to dry her and a means of moving her around the home. She was unable to tolerate a sling and hoist transfer. A padded trolley with folding and adjustable sides was constructed […]

Buggy pusher

A pregnant lady was unable to push her young child in a buggy as she was using crutches. Lightweight adjustable length struts with ball joint attachments were made for the buggy. Quick release fixings connect the struts to the crutches. The client is able to continue pushing her child in a buggy independently.  

Arm support for artist

Following a road traffic accident the client has a residual arm weakness.  She gives talks to schools on how she developed her art.  She has to stand and cannot support her arm.  A builder’s pouch belt was provided with a sink plunger.  The plunger, turned upside down, fits into the pockets and give good support […]